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The Ares Laboratory

Manuel Ares, Jr., Professor of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

Our work centers on the mechanisms and regulation of splicing. Splicing is required to remove intron sequences from pre-mRNA and create coding sequences for translation. We try to understand:

        (1) the mechanism of action of the core components of the spliceosome, in particular the snRNAs and their                     rearrangements during assembly of the spliceosome and catalysis of the splicing reactions,

        (2) the regulation of alternative splicing at a mechanistic level including the coupling of splicing                                     to transcription and RNA decay mechanisms, and

        (3) the coordinate regulation of splicing events in developing systems.

We are in the Center for Molecular Biology of RNA and the Dept. of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The lab is relatively small (typically 8-10 members) and includes postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate researchers. The University also offers a wide range of shared instrumentation facilities, as well as opportunities for exciting interdisciplinary collaborations.

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