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We have a home brew UCSC type Genome Browser for S. cerevisiae relatives far and near with some of our RNAseq data and annotations on introns, alternative splice site usage observed in the absence of NMD, and protointrons in the form of tracks, which can be extracted as tables or gff files (note, Not affiliated with the actual UCSC Genome Browser group - please contact us, not them, with issues!): Yeast Genome Browsers

We have a link to the 2011 version of the Old Areslab Intron Database
: Old Areslab Intron Database. We are hoping to update this format of database with more recent data soon.

Research Projects

Latest Preprints and papers (complete pubs here):

105. Jason Talkish, Haller Igel, Oarteze Hunter, Steven W Horner, Nazish N Jeffery, Justin R Leach, Jermaine L Jenkins, Clara L Kielkopf, Manuel Ares Jr. (2019) Cus2 enforces the first ATP-dependent step of splicing by binding to yeast SF3b1 through a UHM-ULM interaction. bioRxiv doi:

104. Jason Talkish, Haller Igel, Rhonda J Perriman, Lily Shiue, Sol Katzman, Elizabeth M Munding, Robert Shelansky, John Paul Donohue, Manuel Ares Jr. (2019) Rapidly evolving protointrons in Saccharomyces genomes revealed by a hungry spliceosome. bioRxiv doi:

103. Bronwyn A. Lucas, Eitan Lavi, Lily Shiue, Hana Cho, Sol Katzman, Keita Miyoshi, Mikiko C. Siomi, Liran Carmel, Manuel Ares Jr., and Lynne E. Maquat (2018) Evidence for convergent evolution of SINE-directed Staufen-mediated mRNA decay. PNAS 115 (5) 968-973.

Ares, M. (2017) How I helped Joan Steitz discover yeast U2 snRNA. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Meeting to celebrate 40 Years of mRNA Splicing.

102. Fagg WS, Liu N, Fair JH, Shiue L, Katzman S, Donohue JP, Ares M Jr. (2017) Autogenous cross-regulation of Quaking mRNA processing and translation balances Quaking functions in splicing and translation. Genes & development 31:1894-1909.

Funding Agencies

We are grateful for the generous research support provided by the National Institute for General Medical Sciences.



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