Ares Laboratory, UC Santa Cruz  



Members of the Ares Lab

The Ares lab is located in Sinsheimer Laboratories Room 412.

Manny Ares, Prof. of MCD Biology
Tel.: (831) 459.4628
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale School of Medicine
B.S., Cornell University

Haller Igel, Laboratory Manager
B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz

William "Sam" Fagg, Graduate Student
M.S., East Carolina University
B.S., Lees McRae College

Lily Shiue, Genomics Specialist
M.S., Stanford University
B.S., Stanford University

John Paul Donohue, Programmer

Rachel Yuen, Undergraduate

Britney Martinez, Undergraduate

Chrissa Karagiannis, Undergraduate

Kevin Sweeney, Undergraduate

Ares Lab


Rhonda Perriman, Scientist
Ph.D., Australian National University, Canberra Australia
B.A., Monash University, Melbourne Australia

Paula Godoy, Undergraduate

Lior Chatow, Undergraduate

Donald "Gil" Salisbury, Undergraduate



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